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Stolen Laptop Tracking in Blackburn

According to research, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds and the chances of recovery are very slim. Don't become a statistic, increase your chances of recovery today.

Data Protection as a Lock

Traumatic Experience

Being a victim of crime can be a very traumatic experience. You feel violated and in particular with laptops, you are worried about just what personal information a thief has got hold of.

The chances of recovering your laptop or PC is extremely slim as these are usually sold on very quickly.

Keyboard with a trace of a fingerprint

How we can help

We can help you by setting up your laptop or PC so that if it is reported to us as stolen, a tracking program will notify us as soon as the device is connected to the Internet. The program will inform us of lots of information that will assist the police in tracking down the device. Call for a FREE Demonstration.

Call Countywide Computer Services on 01254 447107
for Laptop Tracking & Recovery in Blackburn.

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